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Mugwort Tincture

Mugwort Tincture

Mugwort is a magical dreamy herb. Ruled by the moon, she naturally invokes the subconscious mind and acts as a guide and gateway to other realms in our dream state. This plant has a sure and subtle way of aiding the expansion of consciousness while grounding us into our physical center.

Traditionally mugwort has been used as a women’s herb, due to its affinity with the womb. It has been used as a sedative, as well as to support digestion, ease menstrual pains, anxiety, depression, expanding dreamwork, and more.

Organic ingredients:
Gluten-free vodka, Mugwort

2 fl oz

Add to water, tea, kombucha, mock-tails and cocktails.

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All of our tinctures are infused for 6-8 weeks for potent extraction.

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