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Meet the Makers

Hello, Jaquelin and Adrien here!

Thank you for supporting our small batch organic apothecary. We have a deep passion for plants, natural medicines, health and sustainability.

We live and run Olive & Oak, up in Big Cottonwood Canyon. We love to go out and consciously wildcraft our favorite herbs that grow in this region. Mountain Rose Herbs is our main source for our ingredients, and we love that their values as a company, match ours. We love to support local organic growers whenever possible, so if you know of any farmers/growers, send them our way.

We care a lot about the environment and the impact we have. We re-use shipping materials, recycled boxes, avoid plastic as much as possible, bottle products in glass or compostable bags. We support organic practices through purchasing from organic farmers and growers, and supporting companies like Mountain Rose Herbs, who also strive for sustainability.

We care for the environment AND we care for the health of our bodies... and yours too. Using organic and eco-friendly products internally and externally, is a great way to take care of yourself long term. Our bodies absorb what we put on it and into it, so make sure it's pure. Our favorite way to tell if we want to use a new product is by reading the ingredient list. Can we pronounce each ingredient? Do we know what it is? If not, then we will research it and make a choice from there. 

We use traditional folk-medicine making practices. We love to share the magical, old and rich, folktales about the herbs we use in our products. We strive to bring the magic and practicality of herbal goodness into your daily life, to support your desires and needs, whilst being delicious.

We proudly support these local businesses: Beehive Distilling, Intermountain Gourmet Mushrooms, White Like Farms Raw Honey, Redmond Sea Salt. We buy a few organic herbs from local growers when available. 

As always, if you have any questions send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

 We hope you enjoy!

Jaquelin & Adrien

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"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."

 -William Shakespeare


More about Jaquelin 

Hi, I'm Jaquelin. I am a certified herbalist through The Chestnut School of Herbs. I completed their incredible 1,000 hour Herbal Immersion course. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to deepen your herbal and medicine making skills too. I am a Forest Preschool teacher and I have my CDA in early childhood development. I am a passionate student of kung fu and at home yoga. I am wild about traveling, the healing arts, the outdoors, herbs, cooking, baking, drinking tea, teaching and playing with children... and my honey Adrien, of course. 

Health has been a huge journey in this life of mine. I started out at a young age super sick, tired, and in constant fear and anxiety. I struggled with trauma, depression, digestive issues and cystic acne. I was so desperate and tried everything I could, conventionally. At the age of 17 I started seeking out natural remedies to help heal my body and traumas. My therapist at the time opened my eyes to the world of organic foods, living a holistic lifestyle, and what true self care looked like. This led me to study and use herbs to support my body and mind, helping to soothe my anxiety and depression. To eating organic and whole foods (less processed junk) to heal gut issues, acne and more. To spending more time in nature and practicing holistic arts, like Kung Fu.

It has led me to where I am at today, healthy, happy {still have hard days, of course!}, and empowered around my health and well being, which is so freeing! 

Making yummy herbal products is a passion of mine and I feel so happy to share this love with all of you. Thanks for you love and support! 


More about Adrien

Adrien is an artist, Kung Fu and Tai Chi instructor, and head chef. He was born into a family where herbalism was a way of life. He learned a lot of what he knows from his mother, and has continued to dive into many herbal books and resources for learning. He loves to oil paint, draw and sketch. He is the artist behind our brand, and all the art you see is created by him. He is passionate about health, loves to travel, be outdoors hiking, climbing, and practicing kung fu. In his down time he loves coffee and chocolate, drinking hot cups of tea, and reading a good fantasy book.