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Herbal Folklore & Uses

Elderberry & Flowers

The Elder tree has magical and meaningful folklore around its use as medicine. Elder is home to Elda Mor (Hylde-Moer), the Elder Mother. It was thought that Elda Mor could be petitioned on behalf of someone who has taken ill, especially sick children. Another magical tale includes, if you fall asleep under the bow of an elder on midsummers eve, you may be whisked away to the land of the fairies, or perhaps glimpse the fairy king himself. 

Elder is considered the "medicine chest of the people" as it has been used throughout hundreds of years for many ailments.  Elder sybolizes the great protector and is a wonderful immune tonics. 


In Celtic folklore the hawthorn tree is considered to be a gateway to the land of faeries and magic. Fairies and wee folk are thought to be the guardians of the Hawthorn trees. It is said that if you fell asleep under a hawthorn then you may wake up in another time, another world. Hawthorn is symbolized for love and protection and is thought to be the gateway into and protector of the heart, because the flowers and berries both have an affinity for the heart. Hawthorns are often planted near holy wells or springs. They are known as the "holy thorn" in Glastonbury England, and is considered to be a sacred tree throughout Britain and Ireland.



Lavender has been used for thousands of years. Traditionally it was used for relaxation, as a love charm, and was used as an aid for protection. People would place sprigs under their pillow to help them get a restful sleep, and there are tales of maidens placing lavender under their pillow, in hopes that she may have a dream, or a vision, of her furture soulmate/ lover. Lavender is ruled by mercury, which is associated with mental stability, communication and travel. Lavender is great ally for calming and soothing the mind and body.  Lavender was {and still is} a wonderful ally for folks warding off anything from headaches and sickness, to pesky bugs. 



Mugwort is a magical dreamy herb. Ruled by the moon, she naturally invokes the subconscious mind and acts as a guide and gateway to other realms in our dream state. This plant has a sure and subtle way of aiding the expansion of consciousness while grounding us into our physical center.



Roses, the “queens of the garden,” are a powerful heart opening remedy, and have been used medicinally for thousands of years. Roses teach us the importance of remaining open and vulnerable, while maintaining healthy boundaries, as she does with her thorns. Roses are littered throughout myths and stories in many cultures as a symbol of the awakening power of love.

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