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What is a tincture?

A concentrated herbal extract. A tincture is dried (or fresh) leaves, flowers, barks, or berries infused in alcohol, glycerine, or vinegar. We use organic gluten-free vodka for all of our tinctures. The alcohol extracts out all the active (medicinal) ingredients in the plant, making it a concentrated herbal liquid. Tinctures are great for on the go and are very easy to use.  


How do I take my tincture?

We enjoy our tinctures in tea, water, kombucha, or cocktails. We love to put the Reishi & Chaga elixir in our coffee or hot chocolate. Due to the alcohol I don't recommend putting it right under your tongue, as it can sting. 


Why loose leaf tea? 

Loose leaf tea is a more sustainable option because there is less waste involved (no tea bags, paper tags, tea boxes etc.). The way we see it is the less paper we consume = less trees being cut down. Another reason is that conventional mesh tea bags are typically made with plastic. The bags containing plastics leak harmful phthalates when they come in contact with hot water. Which is not good for the planet or for you! 

Loose leaf tea is also incredibly beautiful and fun to brew, especially when you make it apart of your daily ritual. Drinking tea is a ritual for our household. Holding a hot mug and inhaling the essential oils floating up in the steam is soothing and brings you right into the present moment. It's aromatherapy in a cup.


How to brew loose leaf tea?

We love to use a french press when making multiple cups of tea for two or more. For a single cup we use a metal tea strainer. If you have none of the above you can simply boil water, take it off the heat, add herbs, cover for suggested time, and then strain with your pasta strainer. Easy peasy. 


What if I haven't finished my tea by the best by date?

It's always best to stick to the best by date. Dry herbs are *usually* safe to consume even after the best by date. As long as there is no moisture in the jar and no mold, you should be fine. Use your eyes and your nose to make sure things look and smell good still. Herbs lose their quality and freshness with time, so it's best to stick to the best by date.


What is an Oxymel?

An herbal infused vinegar and honey mixed together. Our fire cider is an oxymel.


What is dual extraction? 

When you extract an herb in two different menstruums such as, an extraction in alcohol and an extraction in water. These two extractions are then then mixed together. For example our Reishi & Chaga elixir is a duel extraction of water and alcohol. 



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